The shed lease has been signed,so we have 

a 5 year lease with rent due 20 febuary

items continue to be donated to the shed

we are now having charity groups in the 

shed every thursday by invitation,currently

we have acheivement trust people doing a 

project for themselves

 We are looking for decent off cuts of timber

 so if you have or know anyone with timber

of any sort we would be most grateful for

any donation

March 2023






Too heavy lifts


 Every member must read and sign a revised 

copy of the shed rules:

 see the Chairman or the Secretary to do this please

This is a condition of being a member;

paragraph 1 in the rules.

we willsort out the renewel of membership

when the shed is operational again and let 

you know when to pay your subs

If you have any items or suggestions for the website contact

the treasurer.

We are now a member of Menzshed NZ

We have sold 3 loads of firewood and the money is in

the bank,thankyou to those who spent a couple of hours

Friday splitting and stacking the wood.

We will soon be getting involved with some community

work,so members please get involved in this.

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