Grenville NSW 

Goods Shed


There are several interpretations of how Menzshed started,however

we know that the movment started in Australia sometime in the 

late 1970s to early 1980s.

The movment started as a way to improve the health and well

being of former miners in Broken Hill New South Wales in the 1980s.

However the Albany Activities centre which come to be known as

Albany Menzshed opened in 1978.

The Australian Menzshed Association was established by Peter

Sergeant and Ron Fox in 2002.

The Australian Menzshed Association is funded by the Australian

Federal Government to provide inital practical support for the

development of Menzsheds throughout Australia.

The slogan adopted at the Australian Menzshed conference in 2008

was shortened from "Men dont talk face to face,they talk shoulder to shoulder" to just " Shoulder to Shoulder".

The Menzshed movment is now world wide with sheds in United Kingdom,

Ireland,United States,Canada,Finland,Greece,and of course 




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